Hello All,
              We have linked peer review discussions on
'pgsql-hackers' to their respective commits within the main
postgresql.git repository. You can view the linked reviews from 2012
until present in the GitHub repo at

If you want to work with these reviews locally, you can use our
git-review tool. It allows you to create reviews and attach them to
commits in git. We didn't modify git, instead we added some scripts
that use standard git commands. git-review is beta, but since it only
adds a detached 'review' branch and modifies the contents of this
branch, it has minimal impact and can easily be removed by deleting
the 'review' branch and scripts.

The online man-page is here:

In order to install git-review, you need to clone the repository:

The online tutorial is available here:

The clone of postgresql.git with linked review discussion is here (new
review discussion are linked nightly)

This work is part of my Master's thesis. If you'd like us to change
the tool to better suit your review process, have another git repo
you'd like us to link commits with review discussion, or have other
feedback, please let us know.


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