ok, great.  This is really fabulous.  So far most everything feels
natural and good.

I see something odd in terms of the jsonb use case coverage. One of
the major headaches with json deserialization presently is that
there's no easy way to easily move a complex (record- or array-
containing) json structure into a row object.  For example,

create table bar(a int, b int[]);
postgres=# select jsonb_populate_record(null::bar, '{"a": 1, "b":
[1,2]}'::jsonb, false);
ERROR: cannot populate with a nested object unless use_json_as_text is true

If find the use_json_as_text argument here to be pretty useless
(unlike in the json_build to_record variants where it least provides
some hope for an escape hatch) for handling this since it will just
continue to fail:

postgres=# select jsonb_populate_record(null::bar, '{"a": 1, "b":
[1,2]}'::jsonb, true);
ERROR:  missing "]" in array dimensions

OTOH, the nested hstore handles this no questions asked:

postgres=# select * from populate_record(null::bar, '"a"=>1,
  a |   b
  1 | {1,2}

So, if you need to convert a complex json to a row type, the only
effective way to do that is like this:
postgres=# select* from  populate_record(null::bar, '{"a": 1, "b":
  a |   b
  1 | {1,2}

Not a big deal really. But it makes me wonder (now that we have the
internal capability of properly mapping to a record) why *both* the
json/jsonb populate record variants shouldn't point to what the nested
hstore behavior is when the 'as_text' flag is false.  That would
demolish the error and remove the dependency on hstore in order to do
effective rowtype mapping.  In an ideal world the json_build
'to_record' variants would behave similarly I think although there's
no existing hstore analog so I'm assuming it's a non-trival amount of

Now, if we're agreed on that, I then also wonder if the 'as_text'
argument needs to exist at all for the populate functions except for
backwards compatibility on the json side (not jsonb).  For non-complex
structures it does best effort casting anyways so the flag is moot.

Well, I could certainly look at making the populate_record{set} and to_record{set} logic handle types that are arrays or composites inside the record. It might not be terribly hard to do - not sure.

A quick analysis suggests that this is fixable with fairly minimal disturbance in the jsonb case. In the json case it would probably involve reparsing the inner json. That's probably doable, because the routines are all reentrant, but not likely to be terribly efficient. It will also be a deal more work.



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