On 01/25/2014 01:23 PM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

I have now tested the central part of the proposed changes on both old and new Cygwin installations, and they appear to work.

I'm going to commit them and backpatch back to 9.0, which is where we currently have buildfarm coverage (and 8.4 will be at EOL in a few months anyway). That will take care of your rebase issue.

That part is done. Reliance on dllwrap is a thing of the past.

That leaves several issues to be handled:

 * LDAP libraries - the way you have proposed surely isn't right. What
   we want is something more like this in the Makefile.global.in:
       ifeq ($(PORTNAME), cygwin)
       libpq_pgport += $(LDAP_LIBS_FE)

Unless someone comes up with a better answer than this I'm going to commit it too.

 * isolation tests fail with an indefinite hang on newer Cygwin
 * prepared_xacts test fails with an indefinite hang on newer Cygwin if
   run in parallel with other tests
 * tsearch tests fail on non-C locale (or at least on en_US.utf8). It
   turns out this is actually an old bug, and can be reproduced on my
   old Cygwin instance. I wonder if it's caused by faulty locale files?

And these are where we need help, especially from the Cygwin community. The fact that things that work on older Cygwins now fail is annoying.



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