On 01/02/2014 22:57, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

On 01/25/2014 01:23 PM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

 * isolation tests fail with an indefinite hang on newer Cygwin
 * prepared_xacts test fails with an indefinite hang on newer Cygwin if
   run in parallel with other tests

 * tsearch tests fail on non-C locale (or at least on en_US.utf8). It
   turns out this is actually an old bug, and can be reproduced on my
   old Cygwin instance. I wonder if it's caused by faulty locale files?

is it possible the tsearch test never worked on en_US.utf8
but only on C locale ?

See my finding on

And these are where we need help, especially from the Cygwin community.
The fact that things that work on older Cygwins now fail is annoying.




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