On 3 February 2014 10:06, Christian Kruse <christ...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 03/02/14 17:59, Fujii Masao wrote:
>> Since you added errdetail_log_plural(), ISTM that you need to update
>> sources.sgml.
> [x] Fixed.
>> >> While I'm griping, this message isn't even trying to follow the project's
>> >> message style guidelines.  Detail or context messages are supposed to be
>> >> complete sentence(s), with capitalization and punctuation to match.
>> >
>> > Hm, I hope I fixed it in this version of the patch.
>> Current message doesn't look like complete sentence yet... We would
>> need to use something like "Processes X, Y are holding while Z is waiting
>> for the lock.". I could not come up with good message, though..
> The problem is that we have two potential plural cases in this
> message. That leads to the need to formulate the second part
> independently from singular/plural. I tried to improve a little bit
> and propose this message:
> Singular:
> "The following process is holding the lock: A. The request queue
> consists of: B."
> Plural:
> "Following processes are holding the lock: A, B. The request queue
> consists of: C."

Seems too complex. How about this...

"Lock holder(s): A. Lock waiter(s) B"
"Lock holder(s): A, B. Lock waiter(s) C"

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