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On 03/02/14 10:43, Simon Riggs wrote:
> > Singular:
> > "The following process is holding the lock: A. The request queue
> > consists of: B."
> >
> > Plural:
> > "Following processes are holding the lock: A, B. The request queue
> > consists of: C."
> Seems too complex. How about this...
> "Lock holder(s): A. Lock waiter(s) B"
> "Lock holder(s): A, B. Lock waiter(s) C"

This is basically the same as before, it is even shorter. The
complaint was that I don't use a whole sentence in this error
detail. Won't the change fulfill the same complaint?

To be honest, I'd like to stick with your earlier proposal:

Process holding the lock: A. Request queue: B

Processes holding the lock: A, B. Request queue: C, D

This seems to be a good trade-off between project guidelines,
readability and parsability.

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