On 3.2.2014 07:53, Oleg Bartunov wrote:
> Tomasa, it'd be nice if you use real data in your testing.
> One very good application of gin fast-scan is dramatic performance
> improvement  of hstore/jsonb @> operator, see slides 57, 58
> http://www.sai.msu.su/~megera/postgres/talks/hstore-dublin-2013.pdf.
> I'd like not to lost this benefit :)
> Oleg
> PS. I used data delicious-rss-1250k.gz from
> http://randomwalker.info/data/delicious/

Hi Oleg,

I'm working on extending the GIN testing to include this test (and I'll
use it to test both for GIN and hstore-v2 patches).

I do have the dataset, but I need the queries too - how did you generate
the queries for your benchmark? Do you have some query generator at hand?

In your Dublin talk I see just this query type

  select count(*) from hs where h @> 'tags=>{{term=>NYC}}';

but that seems inadequate for representative benchmark. Are there other
types of queries that need to be tested / might be interesting? E.g.
queries with multiple search terms etc.?


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