From: "Magnus Hagander" <>
Does somebody want to look at backpatching this to 9.1 and earlier, or
should we just say that it's not fully supported on those Windows versions
unless you apply the registry workaround?

Please use the attached patch.  It applies cleanly to both 9.1 and 9.0.

We don't need to consider 8.4, because ASLR became enabled by default in Visual Studio 2008 and 8.4 doesn't support building with 2008.

I tested with Visual Studio 2008 Express. You can check if ASLR is disabled using dumpbin. "dumpbin /headers <EXE_or_DLL_file>" outputs the following lines. If the "Dynamic base" line is displayed, ASLR is enabled. If this line disappears, ASLR is disabled.

           8140 DLL characteristics
                  Dynamic base
                  NX compatible
                  Terminal Server Aware


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