Thank you for good suggestion.

> > What the mess is once entering this situation, I could find no
> > formal operation to exit from it.
> Though this is formal way, you can exit from that situation by
> (1) Remove recovery.conf and start the server with crash recovery
> (2) Execute pg_start_backup() after crash recovery ends
> (3) Copy backup_label to somewhere
> (4) Execute pg_stop_backup() and shutdown the server
> (5) Copy backup_label back to $PGDATA
> (6) Create recovery.conf and start the server with archive recovery

It will do. And pg_resetxlog was the first thing I checked out
for reseting backupStartPoint.

> What about adding new option into pg_resetxlog so that we can
> reset the pg_control's backup start location? Even after we've
> accidentally entered into the situation that you described, we can
> exit from that by resetting the backup start location in pg_control.
> Also this option seems helpful to salvage the data as a last resort
> from the corrupted backup.

It is in far better proportion than recovery.conf option:), since
it is already warned to be dangerous as its nature. Anyway I'll
make sure the situation under the trouble fist.


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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