> I wrote a few patches, that we use in our production. These patches are
> small, but I hope, so its can be interesting for upstream:
> 1. cancel time - we log a execution time cancelled statements

Manually cancelled?  statement_timeout?

Anyway, +1 to add the time to the existing log message, but not in an
additional log line.

BTW, what do folks think of the idea of adding a new log column called
"timing", which would record duration etc.?  It would be really nice not
to have to parse this out of the text message all the time ...

> 2. fatal verbose - this patch ensure a verbose log for fatal errors. It
> simplify a investigation about reasons of error.

Configurable, or not?

> 3. relation limit - possibility to set session limit for maximum size of
> relations. Any relation cannot be extended over this limit in session, when
> this value is higher than zero. Motivation - we use lot of queries like
> CREATE TABLE AS SELECT .. , and some very big results decreased a disk free
> space too much. It was high risk in our multi user environment. Motivation
> is similar like temp_files_limit.

I'd think the size of the relation you were creating would be difficult
to measure.  Also, would this apply to REINDEX/VACUUM FULL/ALTER?  Or

> 4. track statement lock - we are able to track a locking time for query and
> print this data in slow query log and auto_explain log. It help to us with
> lather slow query log analysis.

I'm very interested in this.  What does it look like?

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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