On 20/03/14 13:28, Josh Berkus wrote:

3. relation limit - possibility to set session limit for maximum size of
relations. Any relation cannot be extended over this limit in session, when
this value is higher than zero. Motivation - we use lot of queries like
CREATE TABLE AS SELECT .. , and some very big results decreased a disk free
space too much. It was high risk in our multi user environment. Motivation
is similar like temp_files_limit.

I'd think the size of the relation you were creating would be difficult
to measure.  Also, would this apply to REINDEX/VACUUM FULL/ALTER?  Or

Also I think this would probably only make sense for TEMPORARY tables - otherwise you can get this sort of thing going on:

- you create a table and you have set a relation size limit
- you commit and keep working
- I add a whole lot of rows to your new table (taking it over the limit)
- you go to add some more rows to this table...

Should you now be stopped working? Does this feature need to track *who* added which chunks of a table (suspect very difficult to do sensibly)?



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