On 20/03/14 20:08, Pavel Stehule wrote:

2014-03-20 7:25 GMT+01:00 Mark Kirkwood <mark.kirkw...@catalyst.net.nz
    Also I think this would probably only make sense for TEMPORARY
    tables - otherwise you can get this sort of thing going on:

    - you create a table and you have set a relation size limit
    - you commit and keep working
    - I add a whole lot of rows to your new table (taking it over the limit)
    - you go to add some more rows to this table...

you cannot to across session limit and is not important if you do
inserts more times or once.

Sorry Pavel - what you have said above is difficult for me to understand - if the limit is intended as a *session* limit then concurrent activity from multiple sessions makes it behave - well - strangely to say the least, as tables are essentially shared resources.



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