On 27-03-2014 10:15, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> When we made OIDs optional, we added an oid status display to \d+:
>       test=> \d+ test
>                                Table "public.test"
>        Column |  Type   | Modifiers | Storage | Stats target | Description
>       --------+---------+-----------+---------+--------------+-------------
>        x      | integer |           | plain   |              |
> -->   Has OIDs: no
> Do we want to continue displaying that OID line, or make it optional for
> cases where the value doesn't match default_with_oids?
That line is still important for those tables that have oids. Once a
while I see "with oids" set (mainly by mistake or misinformation).

The 8.0 (last version that have default_with_oids = on) is dead for more
than 3 years. Is it time to remove the d_w_o or even announce to remove
it in 2 releases?

Regarding to remove the "Has OIDs" line, it seems that it is just noise
since almost all tables does not have oids. However, if you remove
that line you'll have to fix the regression tests and also can break
third part extensions that use \d+ (we can live with that). If we agree
to remove d_w_o, don't worry with that line because it will be removed soon.

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