* Euler Taveira (eu...@timbira.com.br) wrote:
> On 27-03-2014 10:15, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > When we made OIDs optional, we added an oid status display to \d+:
> > 
> >     test=> \d+ test
> >                              Table "public.test"
> >      Column |  Type   | Modifiers | Storage | Stats target | Description
> >     --------+---------+-----------+---------+--------------+-------------
> >      x      | integer |           | plain   |              |
> > --> Has OIDs: no
> > 
> > Do we want to continue displaying that OID line, or make it optional for
> > cases where the value doesn't match default_with_oids?
> > 
> That line is still important for those tables that have oids. Once a
> while I see "with oids" set (mainly by mistake or misinformation).

I believe Bruce was suggesting to show it when it is set to *not* the
default, which strikes me as perfectly reasonable.

If the default is "without OIDs", then this will show on tables which
*have* OIDs.  And vice-versa.

> The 8.0 (last version that have default_with_oids = on) is dead for more
> than 3 years. Is it time to remove the d_w_o or even announce to remove
> it in 2 releases?

I don't know that we need to drop the option...

> Regarding to remove the "Has OIDs" line, it seems that it is just noise
> since almost all tables does not have oids. However, if you remove
> that line you'll have to fix the regression tests and also can break
> third part extensions that use \d+ (we can live with that). If we agree
> to remove d_w_o, don't worry with that line because it will be removed soon.

I expect there are products which are still using it...



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