Andres Freund <> writes:
> The current quiet inline test doesn't work for clang. As e.g. evidenced in
> configure thinks it's not quiet.

> Which means that postgres compiled with a recent clang will be noticably
> slower than it needs to be.

> The reason for that is that clang is smart and warns about static inline
> if they are declared locally in the .c file, but not if they are
> declared in a #included file.  That seems to be a reasonable
> behaviour...

> I think that needs to be fixed. We either can make the configure test
> considerably more complex or simply drop the requirement for quiet
> inline.

I object to the latter; you're proposing to greatly increase the warning
noise seen with any compiler that issues a warning for this without caring
about .h vs .c.  For somebody who finds gcc -pedantic unusable, I would
think you'd have a bit more sympathy for people using other compilers.

                        regards, tom lane

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