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> 2014-03-27 17:56 GMT+01:00 Pavel Stehule <pavel.steh...@gmail.com>:
>> So I'll prepare a some prototypes in next month for
>> 1. log a execution time for cancelled queries,
>> 2. track a query lock time
> When I though about this proposal, I found so our implementation is
> plus/minus hack, that can works well in GoodData, but can be inconsistent
> with native postgresql. So in this proposal I'll plan some different than we
> use, but I hope so it is more consistent with upstream.
> So I miss a execution time for cancelled queries. Same time can be
> interesting for some queries that was from any reasons - temp file limits
> can stop queries after 5 minutes, some out of memory etc ..
> It is not hard to implement printing duration for cancelled queries, but is
> impossible do it for any kind of exception. But there is way. We can use a
> "log line prefix" space. Now, there are not a possibility to print duration
> - so we can introduce a new symbol %D as duration.

This means for any exception/error it will print duration if %D is used, not
only for cancelled queries or you planing just for some specific logs like
when query is cancelled.
One more thing I think currently also we can find that by crude way
(pg_stat_activity has query_start time and log_line_prefix has end time),
but I think the having in one place 'log' will be more useful.

> Same technique I would to
> use for printing lock time - it can be printing instead symbol %L.

Above you have mentioned that you are planing to have three different
lock times (Table, Tuple and others), so will this one symbol (%L) enable
all three lock times?
Are you planing to add new logs for logging this or planing to use existing

One general point is that won't it be bit difficult to parse the log line having
so many times, should we consider to log with some special marker for
each time (for example: tup_lock_wait_time:1000ms).

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