Hi Horiguchi-san,

Sorry for not reviewing this patch in the last CF.

(2014/03/10 16:21), Kyotaro HORIGUCHI wrote:
Oops! I found a bug in this patch. The previous v8 patch missed
the case that build_index_pathkeys() could build a partial
pathkeys from the index tlist.

This causes the situation follows,

=# \d cu11
      Table "public.cu11"
  Column |  Type   | Modifiers
  a      | integer | not null
  b      | integer | not null
  c      | integer |
  d      | text    |
     "cu11_a_b_idx" UNIQUE, btree (a, b)

s=# explain (costs off) select * from cu11 order by a, c ,d;
               QUERY PLAN
  Index Scan using cu11_a_b_idx on cu11
(1 row)

Where the simple ORDER BY a, c, d on the table with index on
columns (a, b) results simple index scan which cannot perform the

The attached v9 patche is fixed by adding a check for the case
into index_pathkeys_are_extensible(), and rebase to current HEAD.

Good catch!

ISTM that the biggest concern about this patch would be whether it's worth complicating the code, because the range of application of the patch is not so wide as is. So, all we need to do is show important use cases that prove the effectiveness of the patch. Sorry, I can't come up with a good idea, though.


Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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