On 04/21/2014 08:49 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
* Tatsuo Ishii (is...@postgresql.org) wrote:
I observe performance degradation with PostgreSQL 9.3 vs 9.2 on Linux
as well.  The hardware is HP DL980G7, 80 cores, 2TB mem, RHEL 6,
pgbench is used (read only query), scale factor is 1,000 (DB size
Can you isolate the sysv-vs-mmap patch and see what happens with just
that change..?

This is exactly why we need a benchfarm.

I actually have a client working based on Greg Smith's pgbench tools.

What we would need is a way to graph the results - that's something beyond my very rudimentary expertise in web programming. If anyone feels like collaborating I'd be glad to hear from them (The web site is programmed in perl + TemplateToolkit, but even that's not immutable. I'm open to using, say, node.js plus one of its templating engines.



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