Sameer Thakur <> writes:
> I was trying to check WAL reduction using this patch on latest available git
> version of Postgres using JDBC runner with tpcc benchmark.
> patching_problems.txt
> <> 
> I did resolve the patching conflicts and then compiled the source, removing
> couple of compiler errors in process. But the server crashes in the compress
> mode i.e. the moment any WAL is generated. Works fine in 'on' and 'off'
> mode.
> Clearly i must be resolving patch conflicts incorrectly as this patch
> applied cleanly earlier. Is there a version of the source where i could
> apply it the patch cleanly?

If the patch used to work, it's a good bet that what broke it is the
recent pgindent run:;a=commit;h=0a7832005792fa6dad171f9cadb8d587fe0dd800

It's going to need to be rebased past that, but doing so by hand would
be tedious, and evidently was error-prone too.  If you've got pgindent
installed, you could consider applying the patch to the parent of
that commit, pgindent'ing the whole tree, and then diffing against
that commit to generate an updated patch.
See src/tools/pgindent/README for some build/usage notes about pgindent.

                        regards, tom lane

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