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> Hello All,
> 0001-CompressBackupBlock_snappy_lz4_pglz extends patch on compression of
> full page writes to include LZ4 and Snappy . Changes include making
> "compress_backup_block" GUC from boolean to enum. Value of the GUC can be
> OFF, pglz, snappy or lz4 which can be used to turn off compression or set
> the desired compression algorithm.
> 0002-Support_snappy_lz4 adds support for LZ4 and Snappy in PostgreSQL. It
> uses Andres’s patch for getting Makefiles working and has a few wrappers to
> make the function calls to LZ4 and Snappy compression functions and handle
> varlena datatypes.
> Patch Courtesy: Pavan Deolasee

Thanks for extending and revising the FPW-compress patch! Could you add
your patch into next CF?

> Also, compress_backup_block GUC needs to be merged with full_page_writes.

Basically I agree with you because I don't want to add new GUC very similar to
the existing one.

But could you imagine the case where full_page_writes = off. Even in this case,
FPW is forcibly written only during base backup. Such FPW also should be
compressed? Which compression algorithm should be used? If we want to
choose the algorithm for such FPW, we would not be able to merge those two
GUCs. IMO it's OK to always use the best compression algorithm for such FPW
and merge them, though.

> Tests use JDBC runner TPC-C benchmark to measure the amount of WAL
> compression ,tps and response time in each of the scenarios viz .
> Compression = OFF , pglz, LZ4 , snappy ,FPW=off

Isn't it worth measuring the recovery performance for each compression


Fujii Masao

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