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>> Also, compress_backup_block GUC needs to be merged with full_page_writes.
> Basically I agree with you because I don't want to add new GUC very similar to
> the existing one.
> But could you imagine the case where full_page_writes = off. Even in this 
> case,
> FPW is forcibly written only during base backup. Such FPW also should be
> compressed? Which compression algorithm should be used? If we want to
> choose the algorithm for such FPW, we would not be able to merge those two
> GUCs. IMO it's OK to always use the best compression algorithm for such FPW
> and merge them, though.

I'd prefer a new name altogether

torn_page_protection = 'full_page_writes'
torn_page_protection = 'compressed_full_page_writes'
torn_page_protection = 'none'

this allows us to add new techniques later like

torn_page_protection = 'background_FPWs'


torn_page_protection = 'double_buffering'

when/if we add those new techniques

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