Matteo Beccati <> writes:
> On 27/05/2014 15:52, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Ah, cool.  I had documented this option as only working for FreeBSD,
>> but that's obviously too conservative.  Anyone know about whether it
>> works on OpenBSD?

> I've tried to google "man uuid openbsd" and I got the e2fs package
> (which contains uuid/uuid.h and libuuid) instead of a man page, so I
> believe that could be another use case for --with-linux-uuid.

Yeah, googling led me to the same conclusion: e2fsprogs libuuid is
definitely available for OpenBSD, but I found no evidence that it
has the built-in UUID functions that FreeBSD/NetBSD have.

> If it's confirmed to be working, that makes two BSD-derived systems
> requiring "linux-uuid", so --with-e2fs-uuid or similar would be more
> appropriate.

Still don't like that name much, but maybe that's the best we can do.

                        regards, tom lane

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