Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> One thing that concerns me is that we already had the problem that users
> creating the uuid-ossp extension had to double-quote the name because of
> the dash, and we have regularly questioned the viability of the
> uuid-ossp codebase.

> Now that we know we have to support alternatives, we are changing the
> build API to support those alternatives, but doing nothing to decouple
> the extension name from uuid-ossp and the dash issue.  

Well, if you've got a proposal for how to rename the extension without
creating major compatibility problems, let's hear it.

> Seems this would be the logical time to just break compatibility and get
> a sane API for UUID generation.

Most people think the "sane API" would be to put the functionality in
core, and forget about any extension name at all.  The compatibility
problems with that approach aren't exactly trivial either, but I suspect
that's where we'll end up in the long run.  So I'm not that excited about
kluge solutions for renaming the extension.

                        regards, tom lane

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