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> On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 9:43 PM, Heikki Linnakangas
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>> And here is the tool itself. It consists of two parts:
>> 1. Modifications to the backend to write the page images
>> 2. A post-processing tool to compare the logged images between master and
>> standby.
> Having that into Postgres at the disposition of developers would be
> great, and I believe that it would greatly reduce the occurrence of
> bugs caused by WAL replay during recovery. So, with the permission of
> the author, I have been looking at this facility for a cleaner
> integration into Postgres.

I'm not sure if this is reasonably possible, but one thing that would
make this tool a whole lot easier to use would be if you could make
all the magic happen in a single server.  For example, suppose you had
a background process that somehow got access to the pre and post
images for every buffer change, and the associated WAL record, and
tried applying the WAL record to the pre-image to see whether it got
the corresponding post-image.  Then you could run 'make check' or so
and afterwards do something like psql -c 'SELECT * FROM
wal_replay_problems()' and hopefully get no rows back.

Don't get me wrong, having this tool at all sounds great.  But I think
to really get the full benefit out of it we need to be able to run it
in the buildfarm, so that if people break stuff it gets noticed

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