* Alvaro Herrera (alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> > Any further thoughts on this?  I haven't tried to go implement anything
> > yet but I'm definitely concerned that we may run into a keyword issue
> > with ALTER TABLE, but I don't really want to add 'TABLES' either.
> > Anyone have any other suggestions or ideas?
> I thought that the suggestion to use MOVE was the most appropriate.
> However I also concur that re-using MOVE from its current cursor-related
> meaning would be troublesome from several PoVs, so if there's a synonym
> of MOVE that we can use, that'd probably be better.  I don't like ALTER
> TABLES myself; and having an ALTER TABLE command that affects several
> tables seems counterintuitive as well.
> How about
> ?

The original call for this change was to have it return the command tag
of ALTER TABLE, wasn't it?  Would inventing a new command tag like
RELOCATE actually improve the situation..?  Or is the thought that it'd
still be ALTER TABLE?

That it's more-or-less a bulk 'ALTER TABLE' operation is why I had been
trying to think of a way to put it under that command.  What if we had a
more general way to reference 'all objects in a tablespace'?
"tablespace.*" or "ALL:TABLESAPCE"?  Are there other places which might
benefit from being able to take and operate on all objects in a

Of course, we handle this in 'GRANT' with 'GRANT ON ALL TABLES', so why
not 'ALTER TABLE ON ALL TABLES IN TABLESPACE <blah>'?  that does get
pretty darn verbose but is at least a bit more in-line with what we have
done before..



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