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> Stephen Frost wrote:
>> * Alvaro Herrera (alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
>> > Stephen Frost wrote:
>> > > Alright, sounds like this is more-or-less the concensus.  I'll see about
>> > > making it happen shortly.
>> >
>> > Were you able to work on this?
>> Apologies, I've been gone more-or-less all of July.  I'm back now and
>> have time to spend on this.
> Ping?


We really should not be making changes of this type less than a month
from our ostensible release date.  That is not enough time for us to
notice if the changes turn out to be not as good as we think they are.
The whole point of beta is to fix things while there's still enough
time for further course correction if needed; if we say, oh, beta's
not totally over yet, I don't have to get my changes in, then it
completely defeats the purpose of having a beta in the first place.


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