Noah Misch wrote:

> Concerning the problem that started this thread, I would raise one ALTER TABLE
> event per table and not fire an event for the bulk request as a whole.

Yes, that's how it already works.  Essentially, ALTER TABLESPACE MOVE
calls AlterTableInternal, and that function calls one ATExecFoo() for
each table to be moved.  What my code does is set up "AT event
collection" when ALTER TABLESPACE MOVE is called, and then for each
ATExecFoo() is executed, one event is added to a queue.  When ALTER
TABLESPACE MOVE finishes, all those events are reported together.  This
part is not a problem.  The only part that is a problem is that the
CommandTag comparison in event_trigger.c wasn't happy that a command was
being passed with the ALTER TABLESPACE command tag, because tablespaces
are not supported by that module --- and I think the unhappiness was
only in an assert-only block (but I'm not 100% sure about that last bit,
because I didn't try removing that test.)

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