On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 7:45 AM, Sebastian Reitenbach
<sebas...@l00-bugdead-prods.de> wrote:
>> I'm building the vax packages for openbsd. What I can tell is that
>> for 5.5 no postgresql packages were built. But that may be that
>> due to the recent upgrade from gcc 2.95 to 3.3.
>> I guess that not all dependencies to actually build postgresql
>> are available for the vax, or may build successfully there. But I need
>> to verify. Might need a few days, since I'm currently on vacation,
>> with sparse Internet connectivity. ;)
> OK, that was easy:
> $ cd /usr/ports/databases/postgresql
> $ make install
> ===>  postgresql-client-9.3.4p0  requires shared libraries .
> OpenBSD VAX is static only, so no postgresql on OpenBSD
> VAX before shared libraries will ever be made working on it.

Thanks very much; that's useful information.

Robert Haas
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