At 2014-06-25 16:13:19 +0900, wrote:
> Categorizing this parameter to CONN_AUTH_SETTINGS looks strange to me

Oh yes. Sorry, I meant to respond to this point in my original review,
but forgot. Yes, CONN_AUTH_SETTINGS is just weird. But I couldn't find
an obviously better answer either.

LOGGING_WHAT would work with log_line_prefix support, but I don't think
there was as much support for that version of this patch. I personally
don't have a strong opinion about whether it's worth adding an escape.

> STATS_COLLECTOR also looks a bit strange not only for cluster_name but
> also update_process_title, though...

True. Is UNGROUPED the only answer?

> monitoring.sgml explains PS display. Isn't it better to update
> monitoring.sgml so that it refers to cluster_name?

Good point.

-- Abhijit

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