On 2014-06-26 23:03:24 +0100, Thomas Munro wrote:
> +             {"cluster_name", PGC_POSTMASTER, CONN_AUTH_SETTINGS,
> +                     gettext_noop("Sets the name of the cluster that appears 
> in 'ps' output."),
> +                     NULL,
> +                     GUC_IS_NAME
> +             },
> +             &cluster_name,
> +             "",
> +             NULL, NULL, NULL
> +     },
> +

In my opinion this should rather be LOGGING or LOGGING_WHAT rather than
CONN_AUTH_SETTINGS. I don't really see what place it it in the latter

Possibly you've copied it from bonjour? But that's in the category
because it's used to advertises connections which isn't the case for

I also don't see a reason for it to be marked as GUC_IS_NAME? That's
about truncating it so it fits into a sql identifer. Not that it should
ever play a role...

> +#cluster_name = ''                   # visible in ps output if set
> +                                     # (change requires restart)

Not sure if referring to ps is the best thing here. Maybe 'visible in
the processes name if set'? Same for the GUC's description string.

Otherwise it looks good to me.


Andres Freund

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