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> Performance
> -----------
> scalable LWLocks
> Generic atomics implementation
>     Both under active discussion.

Work continues on these.

> KNN-GiST with recheck
> Partial sort
>     Some earlier discussion, but no conclusions, and as far as I know
>     nobody is working on these patches at the moment.

Heikki said he won't be able to look at these, so unless someone else
plans to review them, they should be moved to the next CF. Alexander is
working on an updated version of the KNN-GiST patch anyway.

> Don't require a NBuffer sized PrivateRefCount array of local buffer pins
>     Pending performance tests before commit. Is anyone working on this?

No updates.

> Allow more join types to be removed
>     Updated patch pending review from Simon. Updates welcome.

Tom is looking at this now.

> Sort support for text with strxfrm() poor man's keys
>     Lots of earlier discussion, but no conclusions as far as I can tell.
>     Does anyone want to take a look at this?
> Scaling shared buffer eviction
>     Pending review by Andres. Any updates?
> Use unique index for longer pathkeys
>     No reviews, no reviewers. I took a quick look, and it's not clear if
>     this is useful in itself, or if it just enables more interesting
>     optimisations later. Does anyone want to look at this?

No updates for any of these.

> XLogLockBlockRangeForCleanup
>     Amit Khandekar plans to post a review this week.

Pending performance results from me, but also a final conclusion from
Amit's review.

>     Two patches available: original by Simon, updated/merged version by
>     Thomas Munro. Simon said he'll look into both with a view towards
>     committing the functionality. Timeline not yet clear.
> Allow NOT IN to use anti joins
>     Revised patch marked pending review. Updates welcome.
> CSN snapshots
>     Work in progress, plenty of discussion, no reviews. Probably nothing
>     to do here. (Heikki, are you waiting for feedback or anything?)

No updates for any of these.

-- Abhijit

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