Row-security based on Updatable security barrier views
    Lots of discussion that I haven't dared to look at properly yet. I
    gather there's still plenty of design-level work needed, and this
    is not in any imminent danger of being committed.

Replication & Recovery

pg_receivexlog add synchronous mode
    Patch works, is generally acceptable. Fujii-san proposed a
    refactoring patch to be applied before this one, and plans
    to commit it soon.

Compression of Full Page Writes
    Currently under development, timeline unclear. Probably needs to be
    marked returned with feedback and moved to August CF.

WAL format & API changes
    I'm not sure what's happening here. Will look more closely, but
    updates are welcome from the people who've been participating in
    the discussion/review.

There are three "ready for committer" patches in this category.

-- Abhijit

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