SQL commands

Event triggers: object creation support
    Enormous patch, no reviews, no reviewers, but it's known to work
    already. Does anyone want to have a look at this? (I thought it
    was being reviewed, and didn't realise otherwise until a couple
    of days ago. Sorry about that.)

change alter user to be a true alias for alter role
    Original patch worked (Vik) but didn't go far enough towards
    preventing future repetitions of the mistake (Tom) but the suggested
    change didn't turn out to be easy (Vik). I don't think anyone is
    working on this at the moment.

    Lots of discussion and various revisions; currently marked waiting
    on author. Updates welcome.

"RETURNING PRIMARY KEY" syntax extension
    Patch works and has been revised as suggested. Some questions about
    how useful it is. Updates welcome.

Allow an unlogged table to be changed to logged GSoC 2014
    Stephen has looked at the patch a little, but isn't sure how much
    time he'll have to complete the review. More eyes are welcome. I
    recommend this patch to anyone who's looking to get started with
    reviewing something substantial: it looks very nicely-done and
    straightforward, but still non-trivial.

-- Abhijit

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