At 2014-07-02 11:09:19 +0530, wrote:
> System administration
> ---------------------
> pg_hibernator
>     Nice feature, some discussion, no code reviews. Status not entirely
>     clear, but updated patch available.

Now being reviewed by MauMau.

> Monitoring & control
> --------------------
> Reducing impact of hints/cleanup for SELECTs
>     Pending performance review by Emanuel Calvo. (He said he's posted a
>     review, but I couldn't find it. He's travelling right now, will send
>     me a pointer later.)

No updates.

> issue log message to suggest VACUUM FULL if a table is nearly empty
>     Euler has said he plans to post a review this week.
> pg_shmem_allocations view
>     Euler has said he plans to post a review this week.

No updates from Euler.

> pg_xlogdump --stats
>     Pending review by Dilip Kumar (who plans to post a review this
>     week), but Osamu Furuya and Marti Raudsepp have said it looks
>     OK generally.

Latest patch posted, some discussion needed on the calling conventions
for the new rm_identify method.

-- Abhijit

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