On Saturday 26 October 2002 01:04 am, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Robert Treat wrote:
> > > Nice idea.  You can now have per-user/db settings that are SET when the
> > > connection is made.  You can set any GUC variable that way.  We just
> > > need a variable that can look at all sessions and determine if that
> > > user has exceeded their connection quota.
> >
> > I understand how you are able to set those variables per db, but I don't
> > see how you can get those settings to persist between database shutdowns.
> > Perhaps someone can point me to the relevant documentation?
> The per db/user stuff is stored in the pg_database/pg_shadow tables per
> row, so they exist in permanent storage.

Ah.. that was the missing link.  I don't think the docs mention anything about 
the information being stored in pg_database or pg_shadow, they always refer 
to the "session default"  which made me wonder what happened "between 
sessions".  Perhaps someone (me?) should work up a patch to help clarify 

Robert Treat

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