On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 16:17, Tom Lane wrote:
> Mike Mascari <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > [ extensive proposal for PROFILEs ]
> > It seems like a nice project, particularly since it wouldn't 
> > affect anyone that doesn't want to use it.
> ... except in the added overhead to do the resource accounting and check
> to see if there is a restriction ...

perhaps you could make a GUC variable "use_resource_profiles" that turns
the whole thing on/off. 

> > And whenever a new 
> > resource limitation issue arrises, such as PL/SQL recursion 
> > depth, a new attribute would be added to pg_profile to handle 
> > the limitation...
> I prefer GUC variables to table entries for setting stuff like recursion
> limits; they're much lighter-weight to create and access, and you don't
> need an initdb to add or remove a parameter.

I don't see an adequate way to store the individual settings as GUC
variables per user...

Robert Treat

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