From: "Magnus Hagander" <>
Well, it does in a couple of places. I'm nto sure it's that important
(as nobody has AFAIK ever requested that change from for example EDB),
but it's not a bad thing. However, with a hardcoded service name, I
think the changes to pg_event.c are probably both not necessary and
actually bad - as you'll now start getting errors in more harmless

Thank you.  OK, in fact, all I want in pgevent.c is this:

! char  event_source[256] = "PostgreSQL";
! char  event_source[256] = DEFAULT_EVENT_SOURCE;

But what kind of errors do we get with other changes in pgevent.c? I made these changes according to Amit-san's notice (please look at his comment upthread), and I think he is right.

Oh, right. I see what you mean now. That goes for all parameters
though, including -D, and we don't specify those as register mode
only, so I still think it's wrong to place it there. It is now grouped
with all other parameters that we specifically *don't* write to the
commandline of the service.

OK, let me reconsider this tomorrow. It's already after midnight here in Japan, and I have to go to bed so that I can wake up tomorrow.


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