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>>> Well, it does in a couple of places. I'm nto sure it's that important
>>> (as nobody has AFAIK ever requested that change from for example EDB),
>>> but it's not a bad thing.
> I think this is nothing specific to any vendor rather it's good to have
> a define when it is used at multiple places.

Sure, I don't object to the change itself, but the motivation was strange.

There's also the change to throw an error if the source is already
registered, which is potentially a bigger problem. Since the default
will be the same everywhere, do we really want to throw an error when
you install a second version, now that this is the normal state?

There's also definitely a problem in that that codepath fires up a
MessageBox, but it's just a function called in a DLL. It might just as
well be called from a background service or from within an installer
with no visible desktop, at which point the process will appear to be
hung... I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that.

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