> > -                                               break;  /* ignore
> the rest of this XLogData packet */
> >
> > +                               return true;    /* ignore the rest of
> this XLogData packet */
> >
> > For break statement at close of wal file, it is a return to true.
> > It may be a behavior of continue statement. Is it satisfactory?
> Sorry I failed to see your point.
> In the original code, when we reach the end of WAL file and it's streaming
> stopping point, we break out of inner loop in the code block for
> processing XLogData packet. And then we goes back to top of outer loop
> in HandleCopyStream. ISTM that the refactored code also works the same
> way.
> Anyway, could you elaborate the problem?

I'm sorry. I was confused with the patch that I have to offer. 
It is necessary to exit the loop since the loop added to the continuously 
received the message if the patch. 
Refactor patch is no problem with the contents of the presentation.


Furuya Osamu

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