> > Thanks for reviewing the patch!
> >
> > I think that this refactoring patch is useful for improving source
> > code readability and making the future patches simpler, whether we
> > adopt your patch or not. So, barring any objections, I'm thinking to
> > commit this refactoring patch.
> Committed!
It is a patch that added the --fsync-interval option.
Interface of --fsync-interval option was referring to the "pg_recvlogical.c".

It is not judgement the flush on a per-message basis. 
It is judgment at the time of receipt stop of the message.

If you specify a zero --fsync-interval make the flush at the same timing as the 
walreceiver .
If you do not specify --fsync-interval, you will flush only when switching as 
WAL files as in the past.


Furuya Osamu

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Description: pg_receivexlog-add-fsync-interval-v1.patch

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