This patch was made by the following process.

1. post patch for additional pg_receivexlog synchronous mode.

2. In response to comment for the flush frequency, I revise the patch to do 
flush every consecutive message in reference to walreceiver.

3. The synchronization mode was necessary to reply after flush at a flush 
position, but --status-interval for setting at least 1 second, it was pointed 
   Therefore I changed it to the patch to add the mode which the same interval 
flush with walreceiver, and I canceled the synchronization mode.

4. The refactor patch was offered, and there was the "--fsync-interval" option 
in the "pg_recvlogical" which specifies a flush interval.
   I changed it to the patch which did flush specified interval by the 
"--fsync-interval" in the same way as "pg_recvlogical".

5. Post the patch that reflects the comments centered on the document pointed 
out that.

6. The patch for correcting the operation at the time of specifying zero as 
"--status-interval" was offered.
   In response to it, those that modify the behavior of If you specify -1 or 
zero of the "fsync-interval" is this patch.


Furuya Osamu

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Description: pg_receivexlog-add-fsync-interval-v3.patch

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