* Joshua D. Drake (j...@commandprompt.com) wrote:
> But this is just plain wrong. I don't care that the FAQ (on the
> wiki) says we are doing it wrong for good reasons. When I (or anyone
> else) pulls postgresql-$version-dev, I want the libpq for my
> version. I do not want 9.3.

No, it isn't wrong.  If you'd like the specific version, follow what's
in the FAQ to get the specific version.  Otherwise, we're going to
follow the Debian guidelines which are quite sensible and more-or-less
say "make new builds go against the latest version".

> There can be unintended circumstances on machines when you mix and
> match like that. Can we please do some proper packaging on this?

This *is* the proper packaging.

If you want the specific version, update your deb line.  Don't complain
because you used the Debian repo that follows the Debian guidelines and
didn't like what you got- that's not going to change.



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