* Joshua D. Drake (j...@commandprompt.com) wrote:
> On 08/07/2014 10:12 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
> >If you want the specific version, update your deb line.  Don't complain
> >because you used the Debian repo that follows the Debian guidelines and
> >didn't like what you got- that's not going to change.
> May I have a link? Because I would argue that the "latest" version
> of the library for 9.2, is the library that ships with 9.2.9, not
> the one that ships with 9.3.5.

Really?  The latest version of libpq SO version 5 that we ship is 9.2.9?
I certainly don't feel that way.

Next you'll be asking us to bump the major SO for every major release of

Note that the last time we changed the SO major version was back in 2006
and that was primairly because we were removing symbols that people
weren't supposed to be using anyway.  Prior to that, it was 2005, or the
8.0/8.1 timeframe...



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