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I know this has been brought up before:


For reference, libpq and packaging issues discussed here as well:

But this is just plain wrong. I don't care that the FAQ (on the wiki)
says we are doing it wrong for good reasons. When I (or anyone else)
pulls postgresql-$version-dev, I want the libpq for my version. I do
not want 9.3.

I am finally able to get back around to this and I am still calling: Hokey. I just loaded up a fresh precise (I assume trusty will act the same way) and installed postgresql. I installed it, without the PDGD repository and everything worked perfectly. The only error I got when using pgxnclient to install pg_repack was an error about not having libedit-dev installed. I installed it, and it was perfect. I even tested with create extension etc...

So... If we are supposed to ship the "latest" lib... how come Debian or Ubuntu don't do that? They ship the latest lib for the version they are shipping and because of that, everything works, as expected.

I iterate, the current apt.postgresql.org is not doing things correctly. It breaks things and it shouldn't.


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