Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Heikki Linnakangas ( wrote:
> > Indeed, the ODBC driver only uses libpq for authentication, then
> > calls PQgetssl(), and takes over the whole show calling SSL_read()
> > and SSL_write() itself. Ideally, we'd modify psqlodbc to stop doing
> > that, but that's not an easy job. In the short-term, I think we need
> > to export pqsecure_read() and pqsecure_write() functions in libpq,
> > so that the ODBC driver can use those instead of SSL_read() and
> > SSL_write().
> Yeah, that's what I remembered.  There was an attempt to make that
> change at one point, but it was reverted due to the lack of batching
> ability in libpq (without resorting to cursors, as I recall...),
> requiring double the memory usage.  Still, if pqsecure_read and
> pqsecure_write are sufficient to make the ODBC driver work, that's good
> news.  I had been worried it did other things with the OpenSSL struct
> beyond just using those.

Um, libpq has recently gained the ability to return result fragments,
right?  Those didn't exist when libpq-ification of odbc was attempted,
as I recall -- perhaps it's possible now.

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