On 2014-07-25 18:29:53 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
> > *         QNX lacks sigaction SA_RESTART: I modified "src/include/port.h" 
> > to define macros to retry system calls upon EINTR (open,read,write,...) 
> > when compiled on QNX
> That's pretty scary too.  For one thing, such macros would affect every
> call site whether it's running with SA_RESTART or not.  Do you really
> need it?  It looks to me like we just turn off HAVE_POSIX_SIGNALS if
> you don't have SA_RESTART.  Maybe that code has bit-rotted by now, but
> it did work at one time.

I have pretty much no trust that we're maintaining
!HAVE_POSIX_SIGNAL. And none that we have that capability of doing so. I
seriously doubt there's any !HAVE_POSIX_SIGNAL animals and
873ab97219caabeb2f7b390268a4fe01e2b7518c makes it pretty darn unlikely
that we have much chance of finding such mistakes during development.


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