On Tue, Sep  2, 2014 at 06:57:42PM +0200, Joel Jacobson wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 6:45 PM, Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us> wrote:
> Does it come with built-in spell check? :-) It's a bit long to write.
> I like STRICT, that maps good to what we already have with SELECT ...

Spell checker coming in plpgsql3!  ;-)

Anyway, as you have seen, the problem is not creating plpgsql2 --- you
could do that yourself on your own and distribute it.  What you want is
for the community to develop/maintain it, and as you have also seen,
everyone uses plpgsql slightly differently, so if you want the community
to maintain it, you are only going to get some of the things you want.

Of course, the idea of upgrading plpgsql is long overdue, so it is very
good we are all talking about it.

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