>The Russian changes are perhaps not such a big deal because they've
>done that sort of thing before, but this is an earful:
>     Australian eastern time zone abbreviations are now AEST/AEDT not
>     EST, and similarly for the other Australian zones.  That is, for
>     eastern standard and daylight saving time the abbreviations are AEST
>     and AEDT instead of the former EST for both; similarly, ACST/ACDT,
>     ACWST/ACWDT, and AWST/AWDT are now used instead of the former CST,
>     CWST, and WST.  This change does not affect UTC offsets, only time
>     zone abbreviations.  (Thanks to Rich Tibbett and many others.)
>Anyone from down under care to remark about the actual usage of old
>and new abbreviations?

AEST/AEDT/etc are the official abbreviations and are commonly used.
They have been increasingly used over the last 20 years or so, and the
EST/EDT stuff on the Olsen tz database has been a source of annoyance
for a very long time, eg:


Quite likely this change will break stuff, but my feeling is more people
will be cheering than screaming.

Andrew McNamara, Senior Developer, Object Craft

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