On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 9:10 PM, Alexey Vasiliev <leopard...@inbox.ru> wrote:
> To not modify current pg_usleep calculation, I changed
> restore_command_retry_interval value to seconds (not milliseconds). In this
> case, min value - 1 second.
Er, what the problem with not changing 1000000L to 1000L? The unit of
your parameter is ms AFAIK.

Also, I am not really getting the meaning of this paragraph:
+       <para>
+        This is useful, if I using for restore of wal logs some
+        external storage and no matter what the slave database
+        will lag behind the master.
+       </para>
Could you be more explicit here? What do you want to mean here?

(btw, please let's keep the thread readable and not reply at the top
of each post).

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