Thank you for comments. Please find attached the updated patch.

>This patch fails to compile:
>xlogreader.c:1049:46: error: extraneous ')' after condition, expected a 
>                                        blk->with_hole && blk->hole_offset <= 
> 0))
This has been rectified.

>Note as well that at least clang does not like much how the sanity check with 
>with_hole are done. You should place parentheses around the '&&' expressions. 
>Also, I would rather define with_hole == 0 or with_hole == 1 explicitly int 
>those checks
The expressions are modified accordingly.

>There is a typo:
>s/true,see/true, see/
>[nitpicky]Be as well aware of the 80-character limit per line that is usually 
>normally by comment blocks.[/]

Have corrected the typos and changed the comments as mentioned. Also , 
realigned certain lines to meet the 80-char limit.

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

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